Understanding Short About Computers, Software and Networking

On occasion this time I will explain briefly the notion of computers, software and networking.

Computers have a very broad meaning and is different for each person
According to the term comes from the word Computer Compute, which means counting. This means that each process is executed by a computer is a process of mathematical calculation.

Understanding Computers According to Robert H. Blissmer, the computer is a
electronic devices capable of doing several tasks as follows:
• Receive input
• Processing the input was in accordance with programmnya
• Save the commands and the results of processing
• Provide output in the form of information

Understanding Computers According to Gordon B. Davis, a computer is
special type of counter that has certain properties that must be.
According to Computer Today (Donald H. Sanders), a computer is a system
for manipulating electronic data quickly and accurately as well as designed and
organized to automatically receive and store input data,
process it and produce output under the supervision of a step-by-step
program instructions stored in memory (stored program).

Understanding Computers According to William M. Fouri, the computer is a data processing (data processor) that can perform large calculations and fast, including a large arithmetic or logic operations, without human intervention during the processing operation.

From the above terms I conclude that understanding the computer is a tool that serves to process and manipulate the data, whether it be a number, text, images and other

Definition of computer software is a set of electronic data is stored and managed by computers, electronic data stored by the computer can be a program or instructions that will run a command. through software or software is a computer can run a command

NETWORKING is a computer network that connects between a computer with other networks.

Computer network according to the scope of the 3 ie
LAN (Local Area Network) is the number of computers that are connected together in one particular area that is not so large, as in an office or building.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is a computer network in a scale of a city within a city network with high-speed data transfer, which connects various locations such as campuses, offices, government, and so on. MAN network is a combination of several LANs.

WAN (Wide Area Network) is a computer network that has a large scope, covering between countries. WAN using wireless media, satellite or fiber optic cable.