Debris 2.0

Debris 2.0 is based on operating system linux Ubuntu 8.04. With a series of tests by experts, Debris 2.0 is very stable. Debris 2.0 can be downloaded here with a capacity of only 186 MB.

It contains the following software:
    * Desktop: GNOME with Openbox as the window manager (not Metacity), or standalone Openbox.
      Openbox is not compatible with Compiz, though! If you want visual effects, you must install Metacity again and start gnome-session regular.
    * Word Processor: AbiWord (with ODF import / export and export PDF)
    * Spreadsheet: Gnumeric (with ODF import / export)
    * Document Viewer: ePDFViewer
    * Image Viewer: GQview
    * Media Player: audacious
    * CD / DVD writer (GUI): Brasero
    * Web Browser: Firefox
    * E-Mail Client: Claws Mail
    * Instant Messaging / Chat: Pidgin
    * FTP Client: gFTP
    * Partition Manager: GParted
    * Network Manager: NetworkManager
    * Firewall Manager: Gufw / ufw (Ubuntu Firewall)
    * MS Driver Usage: ndiswrapper
    * GUI Editor: Leafpad
    * GUI calculator: xCalc
    * CLI Editor: JOE
Customs Linux debris:
    * Custom Linux Kernel - allows you to use different types of hardware
    * Custom Installer debi - The rubble allows you to install Linux to your hard drive
    * Save Settings Script - allows you to save your settings when using the LiveCD
    * Custom command line tools
          o xorg.config: easy (re) build the configuration X
          o built-fstab: easy (re) building of the / etc / fstab (the list of partitions will be mounted)
          o built-grubmenu: easy to (re) build the boot loader menu, or DL add to an existing one (only grub)